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We are the areas newest Ferris dealer

We have many models in stock waiting to be removed form the crates. We will update the list soon. But please call with any questions, and to see what we may have to fill your needs.

Ferris Zero Turn

 300S Zero Turn Mower

Commercially inspired, Entry-level

Now in a compact footprint, the 300s delivers a premium, commercially inspired platform combined with a more attractive price. The 300s features our patented suspension technology, serving up speed, a quality cut and durability. We have 48" and 52" decks in stock


 500S Zero Turn Mower

Essential Productivity

The 500S zero turn mower is packed with essential features to deliver reliable productivity and performance. The differentiating 4 point suspension saves your body from the pains of continuous mowing. Plus, commercial-like performance and extras like the LED headlight, We have 48", 52" and 61" decks in stock

 IS 600 Zero Turn Mower

The best budget zero turn for landscapers

The IS 600 is a compact zero turn with the productivity and comfort features landscapers are looking for. Featuring our patented suspension technology, heavy-duty Hydro-Gear ZT 3200 drive system, and speed up to 10 mph, this mower can tackle tight spaces while providing maximum maneuverability and productivity, We have Kawasaki powered units with 48" and 52" decks in stock

 ISX 800 Zero Turn Mower

Affordable commercial zero turn with next generation Ferris suspension technology. Engineered to increase efficiency and comfort. Combining next-generation Ferris® technology - ForeFront™ Suspension with a 2-belt iCD™ Cutting System, means a smoother ride and improved cut. Commercial Hydro-Gear® ZT-3400™ transaxles, with 7" cooling fans, are designed for high performance and are fully serviceable. We have 24 hp Kawasaki with 52" decks in stock


 ISX 2200 Zero Turn Mower

Take productivity and comfort up a notch, The ISX 2200 boasts our most advanced suspension technology, Forefront suspension, ensuring operator comfort. A redesigned 2 belt ICD cutting system delivers unrivaled cut quality and the heavy-duty Hydro-gear ZT4400 transaxle drive system, with 8.3" cooling fans, provides power and durability to get the job done. We have B&S 28 hp EFI with oil guard and 52" deck in stock


 ISX 3300 Commercial Zero Turn Mower

The leader in suspension technology for turf

Featuring next generation technology - Forefront suspension, A redesigned 2 belt ICD cutting system, Heavy-duty dual commercial Hydro-gear ZT 5400 drive system, with 9" cooling fans, travel speeds up to 12 mph, plus select models feature EFI- ETC technology for fuel savings and smooth consistent productivity. With full suspension seats and armrests. We have B&S 40 hp EFI with oil guard system and 60" deck in stock

 Stand on zero Turn Mowers SRS Z1, Z2, Z3

The Soft Ride Stand-On SRS™ features our adjustable operator platform with suspension technology that optimizes operator comfort and increases productivity without sacrificing quality-of-cut. The superior balance provides excellent stability and maneuverability that exceeds expectations for traction and handling. Z3 model has pivoting front axle for better ground control. We have Z1 with 48" deck, Z2 B&S EFI and 52" deck and  Z3 B&S EFI with 60" deck in stock

 FW45 Walk Behind Mowers

Fuel efficient Wide Area Commercial Mowers Built for comfort and control. Electric start, large Hydro oil cooler, Dual Hydro-Gear ZT 3400 transaxles, fully serviceable

We have 20.5 hp Kawasaki powered units in stock with 48" and 52" deck sizes

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