Serving Keene and the Monadnock region for more than eight decades! 

 61 Pinehurst Ave, Keene, N.H. 03431

Tuckers Power Equipment

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What sets us apart?

Tuckers began as an automotive garage in 1929, eventually evolving into a lawn and garden equipment shop during the '50's. During 1963, Bill Tucker went to work at the shop full time, where he would go on to help his mother run Tuckers in 1979.

Together, Bill and Linda Tucker have been affording their clientel a grass roots, home town brand of customer service since 1994, that can't be found at the "box" or "chain" stores.

Now, entering its third generation under the family name, Tuckers Power Equipment continues to serve not only the local community, but also customers well out of state. Matt and Marianne Tucker operate the shop with the same courteous and complete level of service our established customer base is accustomed to.

Additionally, we're broadening the manufacture lines we work on, even if we don't happen to carry that particular brand. Effectively, if we can get the needed parts for the repair, we'll take on the job.

Being "full service" means not only selling a product, but also maintaining that piece of equipment to ensure years of good service. Additionally, it means educating our customers on how to get the best performance out of their new power equipment.

At Tuckers repairs are done in a timely fashion, which means less "down time" for the homeowner, as well as the many landscapers and contractors who rely on our skilled mechanics to keep them tuned up and running strong. Whether its a simple blade or chain sharpening, or a full on tractor engine rebuild, we've got the know how to do it right. A hallmark of our mind set is always seeking out the most cost effective, as well as the most reliable solution to a mechanical issue.

Since it's inception in 1929, Tuckers has has championed that mentality, resulting in a valued, and wide-spread customer base. Quite simply put, good customer service......

That means, having the right parts on hand to get the job done! We keep all the parts in stock to perform the routine service work on equipment that keeps it "turn key," so to speak.